{Network Rules}

 1. No Griefing/Stealing:

>Staff can check the logs at any time.

 2. No Spamming:

>This is to keep chat/website looking tidy.

 3. No Advertising:

>This will lead to a permanent ban.

 4. No Hacking:

>Any kind of hacked client/hack is NOT allowed. When caught, you'll be punished accordingly. Serious cases will be dealt with harshly. 

{The following mods are allowed} 

>Any Minimap


>Any shaders

>Inventory tweaks 

 5. No Bullying:

>Use common sense and try to act mature when someone tries to offend you ; /report it.

>Dont troll, Keep it peaceful and friendly.

>Any form of bullying reported and found to be true, will be dealt with accordingly.

 6. No Exploiting Bugs:

>Please report all bugs found in the forums.

>Do not tell any other players if you find exploits, this will get you banned.

 7. No Racism, Sexism, or any other kind of offensive behavior is unacceptable:

>This type of behavior can lead to a temp ban, or a permanent ban depending on the severity of the offense .

{Donator Rules}

 1. Don't heighten yourself in front of other players by saying how cool you are.

 2. You are allowed to donate for other players. Notify staff first.

 3. Do not give items gained from donor status.